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With six generations of hard work to its name, Sawyer Springs Vineyard & Winery is proud to offer a variety of award-winning wines. Our farm has been built from the ground up and carefully cultivated with a single goal in mind: producing the finest wines from the finest grapes. Sawyer Springs Vineyard & Winery is honored to share our award-winning blends. From vine to bottle, we pour our heart, soul, and heritage into every single glass to carry on a tradition as old as time.  Our grapes are grown in an American Viticultural Area called the AVA Crest of Blue Ridge Henderson County.

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A Place to Experience

Visit our vineyard and be greeted by a beautiful piece of North Carolina’s history! The farm at Sawyer Springs Vineyard & Winery has been maintained and preserved to represent our top priorities: quality and heritage. From the yoke over the door to the pines that were grown, hewn, and milled to build our barn, our farmstead has been a labor of love.

Keeping Tradition Alive

Our commitment to unbeatable natural flavor means letting our grapes speak for themselves with minimum interference and additives. Every bottle of Sawyer Springs Vineyard & Winery wine is composed of hand-selected grapes, poured, bottled, and labelled individually to ensure the highest quality possible.


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